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Quiz: Are You A Spiritual Capitalist Or Are You Living Unfulfilled

Take this simple quiz to determine whether you are living up to your full spiritual potential. Answer each questions on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being never and 5 being always. Do you feel like you have more to

What it Takes to Make a Million Dollars

You have to really focus on various metrics that make up a pipeline of business. This can also be considered your Sales Cycle to some degree. So many would prefer to just spend all their time chasing sales presentations or

The Power of Third Party Validation

We live in an ever changing world. The world today no longer wants to hear you talk about you or your business. This is a bold and strong statement, but it is nonetheless as true as it gets. So, the

Dr. Kenneth Lewis, Sr.

Helping Entrepreneurs by “Giving Back” New book shows how to thrive in the Era of the Entrepreneur According to Dr. Kenneth Lewis, this is the Era of the Entrepreneur. He believes it so strongly that he chose that as the

How to Showcase Your Success

How to Showcase Your Success (TOP 10) There really is an art to bragging…and there are only a few times it’s likely to be forgiven. One of those times is when you are applying for a job. This includes most